Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Secret of a Gay Priest revealed

Received this email from someone who identifies himself as a priest but requests anonimousity:

Hello. I was updating my blog this morning and browsed through a lot of new blogs. I found your blog interesting. I know it's still new and I hope only a few people will be able to read this revelation of mine. I am a priest. Period. I don't have to say where and how. That will be enough to describe me.

I have a dark secret that I have been keeping for years. Keeping it from my close friends and my followers. This is so embarassing and I know the Good Lord is not happy about this secret of mine. But, God forgive, I have spent so many sleepless nights thinking why I have become like this.

I am gay.

I don't want to be one. I've been hiding in my closet for 32 years. I admire men and I love men. That is one of the reasons why I entered the seminary and decided to become a priest... because I know there are a lot of men in the seminary. I know this is not right. I am a man of God and the Bible does not mention anything about the third sex.

My family does not know anything about this. Nor does my friends. The only person who knows that I'm gay is my boyfriend William, who accepted me for who I am. Bill is from another state and we meet once sometimes twice a month. It's a sexual relationship and I know God will not forgive me for this.

It pains my heart everytime I preach about morality. About being righteous. And here I am hiding behind this white piece of cloth that identifies me as a man of God. I am sharing this to ease up the clogged that has been bugging my conscience. I know I am wrong. Terribly. But what will I do? My heart won't follow my mind. I am a woman trapped in a man's body. A priest's body.

- Fr. Benedict

Monday, July 17, 2006

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